Get Your Water Pressure Checked!

water pressure test photo

Craig performing a water pressure test

Most people wouldn’t know what the water pressure is in their home.  They’d also be unaware of the often expensive impact that high water pressure can have.  High water pressure can increase your chance of a burst pipe and damage to your mixers, showerheads and other plumbing fittings.

Burst pipes can cause a lot of damage very quickly.  The manufacturer’s warranty on most mixers and some other fittings is invalidated if your water pressure is too high – so you especially want to make sure your water pressure has been checked if you’ve recently updated your bathroom or kitchen.

Craig is available to do water pressure checks. Doing a check doesn’t require him to go inside your house, which can be useful for those working or with other commitments outside the home.  He can measure the pressure at an outdoor hose tap. If he finds that your pressure is too high, he will give you an obligation-free quote to install a pressure-limiting-and-filter valve, which would protect all of the plumbing on your house.  If he’s coming round to do some plumbing for you, why not ask him to check your pressure while he’s there?

And, if you’re concerned that reducing the pressure will weaken your nice strong morning shower, don’t worry – reducing it to normal working pressure should have minimal impact on your experience of water pressure at the tap.

Ready to help,
Craig & Julie