Clean guttering: avoid blocked drains & protect your spouting

Time to get the guttering cleaned out!

Now that Winter is here, the beautiful Autumn leaves have left their trees bare and…our guttering full of leaves.   If you’re not a plumber, you may not be aware of some of the problems these leaves can create.  If not cleared from guttering/spouting, they can cause:

  • guttering to overflow when it rains
  • deterioration & rusting of metal guttering (due to dampness caused by accumulated debris)
  • blocked downpipes and stormwater drain pipes (if the debris gets dislodged by heavy rain, for example, and travels through the system)
Is it time to get your guttering cleaned?

The most obvious signs that you may have a build-up of debris in your guttering or downpipes are:

  • guttering that overflows when it rains
  • grass or small plants growing in your guttering

By getting your guttering cleaned and your downpipes checked for blockages, you can protect your guttering to prolong its life.  You could also avoid blockages in your drain pipes, which can be difficult & expensive to clear.

If you have trees near your home that regularly deposit leaves in your gutters, you may want to consider having gutter guard installed to prevent blockages.

As Winter settles in, it’s a great time to get Craig to clean your guttering and check your downpipes for blockages.  Being over 6 foot tall and good with heights, he’s just the man for the job. He can also wipe your spouting clean while he’s up there to save you a job.   Or you may like him to install gutter guard so you won’t have to think about cleaning out your gutters again.

Keep dry,
Craig & Julie