Help! My Drains Are Blocked!

When your drain is blocked, you need help straight away!  Although the problem may have been brewing for a while, there’s no way of knowing until you start having issues.

Causes of Blocked Drains

Some of the main causes of a blocked drain are –

  • a buildup of debris, such as toilet paper, soap and cooking oils
  • tree roots growing through joins and/or crackers in the drain pipes and water and/or debris not being able to flow past them
How do I Know My Drain is Blocked?

The main tell-tale signs of a blocked drain are –

  • water taking a long time to drain down a plughole
  • the water level in your toilet bowl rising
  • the water level in your gully trap rising or overflowing (gully traps are designed as an overflow point for when the drain blocks)
What Will a Plumber do to Deal with my Blocked Drain?

Craig would initially try to clear the block with his manual tools.  If this didn’t work, he’d call in a drainage subcontractor.

Craig works with reliable, trustworthy tradesmen who have specialist equipment for diagnosing and clearing blocked drains.  They have cameras to see what’s going on in the pipe and what’s causing the problems, as well as high-pressure water sprays to clear roots and other debris away.   There is also a locating tool which accurately measures the position and depth of the drain so that it is quick and easy to find if Craig needs to dig down to it. At the end of the job, the subcontractors supply you with a recording of the drain to show you the condition.

Craig can then carry out any necessary work, based on what the drainage subcontractor’s camera showed.  Once Craig has cleared/repaired your drain he will spray the drain and surrounding area with disinfectant to keep everything hygenic.


Keep and eye on those drains,

Craig & Julie