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Get your Leaking Toilet Fixed!

“My toilet is leaking”. This is one of the most common phone calls our plumber, Craig, receives. A leaking toilet is one of those plumbing issues that is annoying but, in our busy-ness, we often ignore, thinking we’ll get to it “tomorrow”.   You may be surprised to know that a medium toilet leak could waste […]

Help! My Drains Are Blocked!

When your drain is blocked, you need help straight away!  Although the problem may have been brewing for a while, there’s no way of knowing until you start having issues. Causes of Blocked Drains Some of the main causes of a blocked drain are – a buildup of debris, such as toilet paper, soap and […]

Dripping Taps – Money Down the Drain

“Drip…drip…drip”. It was the middle of the night and I lay awake listening to one of the taps in our ensuite drip.    I resorted to putting a towel in the basin for the drips to land on silently. It made me think about the wasted water and the impact on our water heating bill – a tap […]

Give me a Strong Shower!

The most common complaint people who have a low pressure hot water system make is that their pressure is poor at the tap. They want to luxuriate under a decent spray for their morning shower, not shiver under a dribble. Another problem some experience is difficulty controlling water temperature with mixers.

Check Your Plumbing is Earthquake Ready

Our sympathies and thoughts go to all those who have been affected by the recent earthquakes.
We thought it would be helpful to suggest some checks you might want to make of your home’s plumbing to ensure it hasn’t been damaged by the quakes and to reduce the chance of damage in future shakes.